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EpiCenter provides public health with a leap forward in electronic monitoring of community health.  It automatically collects, manages, and analyzes health-related data to help public health professionals detect and respond more effectively to changing health conditions.

The goal of EpiCenter is to provide public health with instant access to up-to-date information.  It accomplishes this by providing a single, clear view of their community’s health through its web interface – literally putting the data they need at their fingertips.

Developed as a "desktop application in a browser", the software is sophisticated and visually stunning but is fundamentally an easy-to-use, highly interactive service that allows users to instantly view and work with the health information in their region.  Provided through a Software-as-a-Service approach, it allows users immediate and ongoing access without placing additional work on their I.T. resources.  This approach eliminates the need to install software at the health department and healthcare facilities, reducing total cost of ownership and virtually guaranteeing a successful project.  More importantly, it allows public health professionals to use their time and resources to respond to threats, instead of maintaining an I.T. system.

In many ways EpiCenter helps extend the capacity of a health department’s limited staff.  Its automated analysis does this by identifying early indicators of potential public health threats, reducing the time-consuming burden of manual data review.  Taking it a step further, users can modify its analysis parameters to fine-tune alerting and notification.  This flexibility allows users to focus the system on what is important to them at any particular time, essentially eliminating “false alerts” and helping them efficiently work towards intervention.

EpiCenter’s flexible design allows it to expand and adapt to the evolving needs of public health.  Beginning with emergency department registration data, it can incorporate ever more detailed data to build greater levels of insight and specificity into health conditions.  By incorporating the essential functions of syndromic surveillance, case management, and outbreak management, EpiCenter allows health departments to continuously enhance and improve their surveillance and reporting capabilities.

For further information on how EpiCenter can meet your health surveillance needs, please contact us at sales@hmsinc.com.