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Low-Cost and High ROI
HMS recognizes that Public Health departments do not have the funding to maintain data connections and systems for every eligible professional and regional hospital.

Because departments’ budgets are tight, HMS has created EpiStart, a low-cost solution that allows for Meaningful Use compliance.

Public Health departments may further reduce the cost of utilizing EpiStart by gaining commitments from regional providers to send data to EpiStart. This cost-sharing collaboration benefits both Public Health and the providers themselves.

Transmitting data enables eligible professionals to receive Medicaid or Medicare reimbursements. These reimbursements provide a financial return far greater than the cost of connecting to the EpiCenter service—enabling providers to meet Syndromic Surveillance requirements while seeing a strong ROI. If providers choose not to connect to a Syndromic Surveillance system, they may not receive the same level of reimbursement.

HMS has created handouts that can help Public Health professionals to discuss the benefits of Syndromic Surveillance compliance with doctors, hospitals, and medical societies. Please contact us to learn how we can help you to discuss Meaningful Use with the medical professionals in your region.